Thursday, June 17, 2010

With just one dollar

Mr. C and I are prepping for guests, and one of our pre-company goals was to get a twin-sized bed for our 2nd guest room.
First things first, we needed a mattress (and boxspring). Alrighty. So we checked prices online and local retailers (including Ikea) and found that the best deal was at Sleeptrain. With low prices, free delivery, and a 10% off coupon (get yours here), they were by far the best deal.

OK, next thing next we needed a bed frame. We found a cheap set that included a headboard at Ikea, and planned to drive to Ikea on Saturday to purchase it. That didn't work out though, because we found a FREE one on the way. We stopped at a garage sale that had 3 free bed frames and scored the best looking one of the group. The only snag was that it didn't include any sort of headboard. Looks-wise, not to mention comfort-wise, we had decided a headboard of some sort was a must.

We figured we'd find a cheap one at a garage sale or thrift store, but the answer was already sitting in our garage, in the form of a small $1 table-top from the as-is section of Ikea.

Inspiration struck when I was looking at this headboard project over at Young House Love...although I tweaked the general idea, I've gotta credit them for the inspiration.

Here is our final result:

...a simple $1 tabletop (we routed small holes out of the back to hook onto screws in the wall) became a headboard.

By the way, regularly this tabletop is $3.99, so even at full price it's a steal. It's Ikea name is Vika Amon, in case you want one of your own.

A quick centerpiece

Last week we had dear friends to dinner. It was informal, spur of the I had to figure out something easy for table decor. I whipped up (a version of) a Martha Stewart centerpiece...just using things I had on hand -rice, water glasses, twine, tea light candles, small plates and a couple roses.

Here's Martha's very pretty centerpiece...

And here's mine!

It is SO easy. I literally looked at the picture and copied the general idea.
I think you could use almost anything you have in your yard instead of roses. Some non-flower choices that would look chic are a sprig or two of rosemary, a leaf of fern, or a pretty weed (chicory? or a dandelion perhaps?).