Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another birthday to plan!

In addition to Mr. C's birthday party next week, I'm also now planning an 80th birthday party for Mr. C's Nana. It'll be a family affair, with lots of yummy food and conversation. No particular theme, just a celebration of the 80 years of life God has blessed her with!
Since it's going to be an April party, I think that a soft and cheery color palette would be ideal.
I have a bunch of this fabric (from Ikea) that I plan to use on the tables for tablecloths:

Pretty and bright!

These napkins from Ikea are a lovely color (and they're cheap! only $1.99 for 50).

And I plan to make a birthday banner along these lines, but different colors methinks:

And...I have to make a decision about floral centerpieces. Here are the contenders:

Which do YOU think I should use?

Mornings 'round here

Every morning, after my husband leaves for work, I take a shower.
And every morning, when I get out of the shower, my cat Obi is waiting.

I dry my hair, and he waits.

I dress, he waits.

I put on makeup -you guessed it, he's still waiting.

But as soon as I walk out of the bathroom, he's done with waiting.

Ya see, he thinks it's nap time.

He sits on the bed and meows at me expectantly....he somehow got it stuck in his little brain that after I shower, I'm supposed cuddle and nap with him.

So he waits.
And meows.
And waits.
Every morning.

Sometimes Joe joins him. They look at me with their huge green eyes and meow
"why aren't you coming to bed?"

It's hard to resist.
Makes me think that napping is my duty.
My responsibility.

I think my cats are trying to train me.

April Fools

I woke up this morning with the sudden realization that today is April 1st, and I have NOTHING planned to prank my friends and Mr. C with. Too bad! especially when there's all sorts of fun ideas available -here are my favorites...and who knows, maybe I can pull one off today after all ;)

A fun "shrunken breakfast" prank on Martha Stewart

A few easy pranks that I might try...also on Martha Stewart

If you don't want to prank anybody, but you'd like a laugh, read this cute description of of how to "Make Your House Look Magazine-Perfect in 8 Easy Steps" at Hooked On Houses

And lastly, the top 100 April Fool's Days Hoaxes of All Time over at I had to laugh at #8...a left-handed Whopper, courtesy of Burger King in 1998 (and folks fell for it!).

Happy April Fools Day y'all!