Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A bird in hand...

A cute little bird has been a regular visitor to my front porch this week and last. He comes along in the afternoon, perches on my door-wreath, and pecks on the glass window in my door. No kidding! I have to think of name for him, but until I do, I have rounded up bird-inspired products in his honor. Here's to you, birdie!
Adorable plates, to feast upon (Pier 1)

These clocks, specifically the one on the right, so you can always arrive on time for your friendly window-pecking (Pier 1)

This beautiful piece of art, so I can remember you when you no longer visit (Target)

And lastly, this delightful bird book, so I can figure out what type of bird you are, and why you're pecking on my window.

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