Thursday, March 18, 2010

A mini kitchen

As a little girl I adored playing "kitchen" and with my siblings. We had a Fisher-Price plastic play kitchen, complete with fake food, small dishes, and a little fridge and oven. I never tired of "making" dinner for my little brothers and sisters. Even now, miniature dishes and cute play food make me smile and wish I had a little girl to lavish tiny kitchen accouterments on.
So, although Mr. C and I have not yet had children, we decided to build a little kitchen -just for the fun of it.
The entire project cost $25, and came together very quickly.

I already owned:
a stainless steel bowl with a 1/4" rim
a miniature pots and pans set, dishes, etc.

Here's what we needed to purchase:

From Ikea:
LACK side table ($4 from the "As-is" section)
6 GROGGY stainless steel coasters ($5.99)
2 SNODD knobs ($3.99)
2 BYGEL rails ($1.99 each)
GRUNDTAL S-hooks ($2.99)
BYGEL wire basket ($1.99)

From the local hardware store:
Various screws (~$2.00)
3M adhesive strips ($1.99)

Okay, now for the fun part -how we hacked various Ikea items to make a play kitchen!
First, I had my handy Mr. C cut a hole in the table (with his ever-so-useful Dremel tool) where I wanted to use my stainless steel bowl for a "sink".
We attached the BYGEL rails to either side to hold the S-hooks and basket (for dish storage, of course!).
Using 3M adhesive strips, we adhered the metal coasters to the top of the side table for a "stove" and attached the knobs (screwed through the table) next to the stove-top. Mr. C figured out how to make the knobs turn-able, how fun is that?!
And because I had an extra LACK side table available, I cozied it up next to my new kitchen to use as a table.I'm hoping to find a small faucet with knobs that I can install by the sink, but until then, we'll just use our imaginations.

The only problem is now I'd rather make pretend dinners than real ones!

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