Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mornings 'round here

Every morning, after my husband leaves for work, I take a shower.
And every morning, when I get out of the shower, my cat Obi is waiting.

I dry my hair, and he waits.

I dress, he waits.

I put on makeup -you guessed it, he's still waiting.

But as soon as I walk out of the bathroom, he's done with waiting.

Ya see, he thinks it's nap time.

He sits on the bed and meows at me expectantly....he somehow got it stuck in his little brain that after I shower, I'm supposed cuddle and nap with him.

So he waits.
And meows.
And waits.
Every morning.

Sometimes Joe joins him. They look at me with their huge green eyes and meow
"why aren't you coming to bed?"

It's hard to resist.
Makes me think that napping is my duty.
My responsibility.

I think my cats are trying to train me.

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