Thursday, December 10, 2009

Grace in small things

God is so gracious to me. I know it in my head, I see evidence all around me, everyday. But in my heart, I struggle with discontentment. I forget. I ignore His grace. Do you ever do that? I think we are prone to forgetfullness...prone to selfishness.

So as a personal challenge to recognize Gods grace daily, I'm resolved to lists 5 evidences of His grace per day on this blog (inspired by this) until Christmas. And as a matter of fact...I'll begin right now!

I saw God's grace today in the small things...
1. Having enough money for the groceries I needed today.
2. Having enough money for the things I didn't need, but wanted.
3. My wonderful husband, and his buying me a peppermint mocha
4. Friends coming for dinner
5. Beautiful snow that delights my soul, and being able to keep warm despite it.

Ahh. There. Thank you Lord for all these blessings, and the ones I didn't list as well.

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