Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not just for girls

I have a confession. Not a huge embarrassing one, but still, I have to admit: I dislike girly colors. you know the kind I mean, don't you? The bubblegum pinks, pale blues, minty greens, and soft purples so often associated with young girls.

I, however, have nothing against grown-up takes on those colors. In fact, my bedroom decor has been inspired by delicious lavender hues (tempered with gray). How can you resist the combination? check these beautiful examples from Apartment Therapy:


Here's some more grown-up versions of "girlish" tones:

Soft pink on living room walls, at Making It Lovely.

Minty green, from The Inspired Room (originally from Country Living)

Nearly-baby-blue, from House Beautiful

What do you think? do these pastels have a place in home decorating, or are they too feminine?

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